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Research Project supervised

Project Director:

1- Characterization of Textile Modified Material.

2- Design of Semi-Industrial Manufacturing Plant for Masterbatches used in Polypropylene Synthetic Fibres.(A. Zadhoush, S.H.Amirshahi, M.Morshed)

3- Design of a Pilot Plant for Production of Polyester Fibres.(A. Zadhoush, M. Morshed)

4- Rheological Measurements of Special Finishing Pastes.


Project Supervisor for Master of Science Degree

  1. Production, Mechanical and Rheological Characterization of Synthetic Leather made from different formulations.  G.H.Maghsoodi.1997.
  2. Design and Manufacture of a Pilot Melt Spinning Plant.  M.Hayati. 1997.(50% supervised by Dr. M. Morshed)
  3. The Influence of Production Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Fibres produced by Industrial Melt Spinning Process. S.A .Ataeian. 1999.
  4. The Influence of Textile Surface Defects on the final quality of the Coated Fabrics. M.Aghakhani.2000.
  5.  Study of the Dispersion Quality of Pigments in PET colour  Masterbatches. H.Rajabi.2003.

  6. Influence of adding Alpha-Cellulose Powder to Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SB R)Compounds. M.Haghighat 2004. (50% supervised by Dr.S.Nouri-Khorasani ).

  7. Blending of PET with PP by compatibilizer produced by SSP. M.Akbari.Spring 2005.

  8. Evaluating Effects of Copper Sulphide on Acrylic Fibers Electrostatic Characteristics. ( 50% supervised by Dr. Morshed.) S.Baseri . Autumn 2005.

  9. A Novel for Synthesis of Nano-Sized Calcium Carbonate as a filler for polymeric materials. M.Rastgoo Sisakht ( 50%  supervised by Dr. S. Nouri-Khorasani ). Spring 2006.

  10. Influence of  moisture contents orientation and Temperature on the Degradation of PET.  E. Pirzadeh Spring 2005.

  11. Synthesis of Composite Castings for Orthopaedic Applications. A.Elahidust. ( 50% supervised by Dr. M. Sheikhzadeh.) Spring 2007.

  12. Lyocell Fiber Damage During the Ring & Rotor Spinning Proceses. M. Najjar Khodabakhsh. ( 50% supervised by Dr. Gharehaghaji) April 2008.

  13. Preparation of Porous Nanofibers from Nanofiber Composite Containing Nanoparticles Mona Mehraban (50% supervised Prof. Hosseini), April 2008.

  14. Effect of Shape and Orientation of Steel Fiber on the Fracture and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy-Based Composite M.S. Gharaishi (50% supervised Dr. Gharehaghaji), April 2008.

  15. Determination of Effective Parameters on Tensile Strength of Plastisal Reinforced with Short Fibres By Mohamoud Esmaeili April 2009.

  16. Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrogel Based on Alginate-Grafted-(2-Dimethylamino) Ethyl Methacrylate Via Gamma Radiation By Fateme Zehtabi April 2009.

  17. A New Method in Producing Textile Composite Material Using Knitted Fabric and Mixture of Fibres By Matin Mashayekhi (50% Supervised by D. Semnani) Spring 2009.

  18. Comparsion of Changes in Average Molecular Weight of a Step Polymer by Solid State Polymerization (SSP) and Chain Extender Method, by Ima Ghaeli Summer 2009.

  19. Investigation of Combined Effect of Nano Clay/Carbon Black on Physico-Mechanical Properties of SBR/BR and NR/BR by Mohammad Ghanbari (Supervised by S. Nouri Khorasani, A. Zadhoush) Summer 2009.

  20. Determination of the Influence of Solid State Polymerization (SSP) and Compatibilizer on the Micibility of PET/PA Polymer Blend, by Hamed Khoshnvis Summer 2009.

  21. Fabrication of Electropun PHB/nHA Nanocomposite Scaffold and Investigating its Mechanical, Physical and Morphological Properties by Tissue Engineering Applications. By Ashkan Tehrani (Supervised by A. Zadhoush and S. Karbassy).

  22. Study on Some Mechanical, Physical Properties and Morphology of Composite Nano Yarn from PA and Wool Nano Powder. By A. Rajabi Mehr (Supervised by A.A. Gharehaghji, A. Zadhoush).

  23. Design of a Finite Elements Model Using Image Analysis for Fiber Reinforced Composites , By Hossein Ghayoor Karimiani (Supervised by D. Semnani, A. Zadhoush) 2010.

  24. An Investigation into Creating Self-Cleaning Effect on Structural Fabrics, By S. Joneidy (Supervised by A. Khoddami, A. Zadhoush) 2010.

  25. Prediction of Elastic Modulus (Stiffness) of Short Fibre Composites Using Artificial Intelligence, By F. Kousar (Supervised by A. Zadhoush) 2011.

  26. Study of Sic Nanowhiskers Effects on Physical Mechanical Properties of Sic/Epoxy & Nanocomposite and Comparison of Sic Nanoparticles with Microparticles. By Mohammodreza Naeimirad, (Supervised by Ali Zadhoush) 2011.

  27. Investigation of Relationship between Fiber Length Distribution Factor and Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene (PP) By F. Asodeh (Supervised by A.Zadhoush).

  28. Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of GGPP Composite Produced from Mono axial Weft Knitted Fabrics and Hybrid. By F. Nasiri (Supervised by Hossein Hasani, A. Zadhoush).

  29. Effect of adding SIC nanoparticles and wiskerse on the spinability and final properties of polypropylene fibers. By M. Nasiri (Supervised by A.Zadhoush).

  30.  Relationship between cell size distribution of LDPE microcellular foam and its acoustic properties. By N. Hasani Khoshbakht (Supervised by S. Nouri Khorasani, A.Zadhoush).

  31. Study of Parameters in producing nanopigment- masterbatches used in synthetic fiber. By M. Dastani(Supervised by A.Zadhoush).

  32. Surface modification of carbon nanotubes for improving dispersion and rheological behavior for application in PP fibers. By R. Reyhani (Supervised by A.Zadhoush).

  33. The influence of surface treatments on the mechanical properties of woven glass fabric reinforced epoxy composites.By H.Najafi(Supervised by A.Zadhoush).

  34. Experimental and Theoretical mechanical properties determination of composites produced by vacuum infusion and hand lay-up methods.By M.R.Jamshidi(Supervised by A.Zadhoush).

  35. Interplay of phase separation process and rheological properties of polymer solution in the formation of nanostructured within poly (vinylidene fluoride) membrance. By A.A.SHoyukhi (Supervised by A.Zadhoush, H.Fashandi).

  36. -Investigation and characterization of the influence of various aerogels on the mechanical properties of basalt fiber reinforced polyester composites By Hadi Khalaji(Supervised by A.Zadhoush, Z. Talebi), 2017.
  37. "  Investigation of compatibilization of poly (ethylene terphthalate) /polypropylene blends with silica aerogel nanostucture by rheological and morphological analysis of the obtained nanocomposite "By Saeed Norouzi(Supervised by A.Zadhoush),2018.
  38. " Investigation of the effect of nanostructure silica aerogel on the interface in basalt/epoxy composites" By Negar Habibi(Supervised by A.Zadhoush),2018.

  • project Supervisor for Ph.D:

  1. Influence of Interphone Modification and Adding of Nanoparticles on the Energy Absorption FRP By S. Safi,( Supervised by A. Zadhoush)

  2. Application of thermal – responsive polymers in development of smart textiles with and without nano metal oxides By  Setareh Amiri,( Supervised by Ali Zadhoush, S.E. Mallakpour )

  3. Characterization and Melt Spinning of PP Fibers Incorporating Tio2 and organically Nanoparticles By M. A. Alsarif,( Supervised by A. Zadhoush)

  4.  Liquid Core Bicomponent Filaments Melt Spinning (LiCoSpin), Characterization and CFD Analysis in Spinneret  By M.Naeimi Rad ,( Supervised by A. Zadhoush)

  5. Investigation viscoelasticity of polymer solutions on the morphology and function nano-porous hollow fiber membranes By M.Mosavi,( Supervised by A. Zadhoush)

  6. تاثير پارامترهاي عملياتي بر روي ساخت ماكرو الياف نانو لوله هاي كربني با استفاده از روش CVD" توسط دانشجو حامد خوشنویس، استاد راهنما علی زادهوش.
  7. .بررسي خواص رئولوژيكي و مكانيكي نانو كامپوزيت سيليكا ايروژل/اپوكسي" توسط دانشجو سعید سلیمیان، استاد راهنما علی زادهوش.